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City Ordinances

Living off campus offers the opportunity to belong to an even larger, more diverse community than you might experience through residence hall life. When you move off campus, you automatically acquire responsibility to be a good neighbor. Keep in mind that you live in a diverse neighborhood of professional people, families with children, and elderly people. Get to know your neighbors–you may need their help throughout the year. Remember, you are responsible for your guests’ actions. If your guests cause problems for the neighborhood, the problems ultimately become yours.

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Use of any open-flame device on porches or overhangs is prohibited. Grills must be placed at least 12 feet from a structure.


New York State law prohibits the possession or use of fireworks.

Littering and Dumping

Littering or dumping on any public property, public right-ofway, or private property is prohibited. The ordinance defines littering as the discarding of a single item of waste onto the ground by a person.


Excessive or unnecessary noise that can be heard across property lines is prohibited; this includes noise between apartments in the same building, such as playing a radio, stereo, television, musical instrument, or any other device in such a manner that its sound crosses property lines.

Nuisance Party

A nuisance party is a party in which any of the following behaviors are observed: disorderly conduct; open container; outdoor urination or defecation; unlawful sale, furnishing, dispensing, or consumption of an alcoholic beverage or controlled substance; littering; illegal parking or loud noise. Upon observation of a nuisance party, the Syracuse Police Department may approach the premises and disband the party, in which case all non-residents must leave the premises.


In the City of Syracuse, no more than 5 unrelated people can occupy a rental unit.

Open Containers

Open containers of alcoholic beverages on city streets and sidewalks are prohibited. All alcohol must be in the manufacturer’s sealed container.

Outdoor Fires

Outdoor fires must be at least 25 feet from a structure and must be constantly attended until the fire is extinguished. Fires emitting offensive smoke or odor are prohibited. All fires must be contained within a fire safe device; fire pits are not permitted. Be sure to check your lease prior to having an outdoor fire. Many leases prohibit fires.


Parking on front lawns and parking across sidewalks is illegal and a safety threat to pedestrians who are forced to walk off the sidewalks. Odd-even parking starts at 6 p.m. on odd dates on the odd-number address side, and 6 p.m. on even dates on the even-number address side of the street.


The leash law requires your pet to be on a leash at all times unless fenced on your property. You must also clean up after your pet.

Snow Removal

Sidewalk snow removal is the responsibility of each property owner. In most cases, if the owner doesn’t live at the property, the tenant is responsible for keeping the sidewalk clear. Clarify with your landlord whose responsibility it is to remove snow. Clearing snow and ice from sidewalks is to be doneby 6 p.m. following snow accumulation. Residents are asked to assist the Syracuse Fire Department with keeping hydrants clear of snow whenever possible.

Street Signs

The possession of a stolen street sign can result in a ticket for criminal possession of stolen property in the fifth degree, class A misdemeanor. A person is guilty of criminal possession of stolen property in the fifth degree when he knowingly possesses stolen property, with intent to benefit himself or a person other than an owner thereof.


Garbage containers should not be put out prior to 8 p.m. the night before collection and should be removed by 7 p.m. on collection day. Signs on your street indicate the day of collection. All garbage should be placed in cans provided by your landlord. Recyclables are collected on the same day as the scheduled trash pickup. If you need a blue recycling bin, call 315-448-CITY for delivery.

Upholstered Furniture

Couches and other upholstered furniture for indoor use are not permitted outside on porches or in yards.