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Winter Prep

In Syracuse, heat must be supplied from September 15 through June 15 at a temperature of not less than sixty-eight degrees Fahrenheit. Elsewhere in Onondaga County, state law requires that an apartment's temperature be at least sixty-eight degrees Fahrenheit from October 1 to May 31 whenever the outdoor temperature falls below fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.

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Here are some suggestions for saving some money on your winter heating bill:

  • Turn down your thermostat.  For every 1° F you set your thermostat back, you can save 1-3% on your annual heating costs.  A change from 72 ° F to 68° F could save you up to 12%!!  Wear several layers of clothing to keep yourself warm. 
  • Turn down the thermostat every time you leave the house for two or more hours AND at night—it takes less energy to warm up a cool house than it does to maintain a warm temperature all day and night. 
  • Install an electronic thermostat to turn the heat up and down at pre-set times. 
  • Take advantage of the sun—open curtains during the day to capture warmth and close them at night to prevent heat loss through windows. 
  • If you use a space heater for extra warmth, be sure to keep it AT LEAST three feet from other objects. 

Just remember to keep your thermostat set to a temperature higher than 55° F.  Do not turn off your heat when you are away on break to save money!  You must keep your apartment heated ALL WINTER LONG so that your pipes will not freeze—even while NOBODY is living in the house.  Frozen pipes cause extensive and expensive damage to a home’s plumbing and heating systems.  If you turn off your heat over winter or spring break, YOU could be responsible for these repairs!