Syracuse UniversityOff-Campus and Commuter Services


Helpful Websites

Click the following links for helpful websites that provide additional information about apartment listings, safety, transportation, and general information.

  1. Apartment Listings

    Orange Housing
    Orange Housing is a local company that is not affiliated with Syracuse University or SUNY ESF. It maintains a web site of apartment offerings in the neighborhoods adjacent to campus.

    Cuse Housing
    This is brought to you by the Daily Orange newspaper for Syracuse University.

    Apartment Finder
    This site is helpful if you are interested in living an apartment complex.

  2. Safety

    Syracuse University Department of Public Safety
    The Syracuse University Department of Public Safety web site contains detailed information on services such as Orange Watch, UACT, Orange Alert, the Neighborhood Safety Patrol as well as the Shuttle U Home program. It also has safety tips for living off campus.

    Syracuse Police Department
    This is the City of Syracuse Police Department web site. Go here to find the crime statistics for the city and the neighborhood you are thinking of moving to.

  3. Transportation

    Syracuse University Parking and Transit Office
    The Parking and Transit Office manages parking on campus as well as the buses that bring students around campus. On this site you will find information about obtaining an on-campus parking permit as well as bus schedules for the Centro bus free-fare zone.

    Centro Syracuse
    Visit this site to learn more about how to get around the City of Syracuse and the surrounding areas.

    The Connective Corridor
    Visit this site to find the bus schedule for the Connective Corridor. The Connective Corridor bus will bring you to downtown Syracuse and the Warehouse. There is also other helpful information about the Syracuse community.

  4. General Information

    City of Syracuse
    This is the official City of Syracuse web site. Here you can learn more about the City of Syracuse and what city services are offered to you.

    When you enter the address in of a prospective apartment, this site will give you a score from 1 to 100 of how walkable its location would be. Walkscore will tell you whether grocery stores, public transportation, restaurants, libraries, and parks are within walking distance from the address you entered. This is a great site to use because you may be trying to choose between two places, and, instead of picking a place based on which one has a bigger bedroom, you can choose the place that is closer to public transit and has a grocery store within walking distance.

    Division of Code Enforcement
    The Division of Code Enforcement is responsible for plan review and inspection of building construction within the City of Syracuse. It also maintains the Housing and Property codes and enforces compliance with the Syracuse Zoning Ordinance.